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Welcome to the STC Student Hub 

Welcome to your one-stop online resource dedicated to enhancing the health, well-being, and academic success of our students. At The STC Group, we understand that the journey through education can be demanding, which is why we've created a digital haven where students can access information, support, and opportunities tailored to their unique needs. Dive in to find information on the following -

Keeping yourself SAFE:

In here, you will find a helpful map of Health and Well-Being Resources designed to help you, including how to -

Look after your financial wellbeing:

This section will provide information, advice and links on maintaining good financial wellbeing through difficult times. Here, you will find -

In our Mini-Hubs, you will find specific information directly linked to our apprenticeships, hair, beauty and aesthetics courses, or our construction and built environment programmes. You will find a mixture of informative course outlines, schedules, and curriculum information for all programs are available at your fingertips! Stay updated on workshops, seminars, and wellness events happening on and off-campus. You can register for these events to boost your knowledge and skills. Use our Interactive Learning Tools and study materials designed to support your academic journey.

You will also be able to keep up to date with our News and Updates Section! Celebrate with our current learners, view our feedback and testimonials and keep up with the latest news and trends in education, health, and wellness, hair and beauty and construction through our news section.

The STC Student Hub is more than just a website; it's a support system for students. Our mission is to make a positive difference to people’s lives through meaningful education, training and careers advice. Our vision is to develop individuals who positively impact society, through the use and promotion of our core values, which are Integrity, Excellence, Caring and Collaboration. We are committed to providing the information and resources you need to succeed.

Whilst our hubs are directed towards our students, we welcome our partners and employers who can also utilise the information for themselves or their workforce. 

Alongside our new monthly newsletters, we aim to bring you a wealth of information that will help you embark on a fulfilling and healthy academic adventure!

If you have content, or ideas, please share these with your assessor! We look forward to hearing from you


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